Tips on How to Stay Healthy and Young...

Just sharing some tips from my own thoughts ;) 

Be Good. 

     1st, Be Good to yourself, in a way that don't abused yourself. Eat well, live well, enjoy with limitation, don't do things that you know isn't good to your health.
     2nd, Be Good to other people, do good without expecting anything in return is a good feeling inside. Less expectation so less ill feelings then less stress.

Smile and be happy. 

     Don't dwell too much in pain. It is ok to cry as long and as hard as you wan't, but be sure when you stop crying you won't cry for the same reason anymore, and you should know how and when to stop. Learn and manage your emotions very well, people around you will tend to absorb your bad feelings and so,you might affect them for your ill feelings. When you smile and happy, you don't just help your self but other people too. When they see someone who have a good smile and always happy, you can encourage them that no matter how hard it is to live, it is worth it, we should take everything as a challenge.  

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