LIFE IN THE UK: What you must do after arrival in the UK

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 15
Passport Photo

This is long over due, been in the UK for almost a year in a half but haven't had the chance to update my blog, been very busy building my new life here. Getting the settlement visa is not the end of our settlement visa journey, here's what to do after arrival in the UK:

1. Collect the Biometrics Residence Permit (BRP) before the vignette expires or within 10 days of arriving in the UK from the post office, you usually has the post office address on your letter that you received with your visa. You must bring your passport and the letter upon collecting the BRP. 

2. If your partner owned/rented the house under their name, let them add you in the Council Tax bill. You can do this online or visit the council tax office in your area. 

3. Register at the Medical Practice , usually you can register wherever your partner is registered. Requirement depends in the Practice , the usual is passport and BRP. you can also phone them or check their website for more details. 

4. You can register in the Dental Practice as well.  

5. Add your name to other utility bills if possible. 

6. Apply for a National Insurance number, you have to call the National Insurance number application line to apply. They will tell you what documents to bring in your interview. 

7. Open a Bank Account. Requirements are Passport, BRP and utility bills (but not all utility bills are accepted) , different banks has different requirements,  you can enquire to the bank your eyeing. I think the most acceptable is Council Tax Bill. 

8. You can apply jobs online, submit as many as you can. Mostly, application is online, but you can also try walk-in to the nearest shop or company. 

9. Keep all correspondence, whether its paper or as soft copy, especially those from the UK government as you will need them on the next visa extension ( the FLR M). 

Featured Shop: House of Gie UK

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 16
face mask

This is not a paid post, but a paid off for the good deeds of the owner of House of Gie UK, Ate Gie, an experienced seamstress and dressmaker in the United Kingdom, whom during the coronavirus pandemic gave away reusable face covering that she made. A very heartfelt effort in the midst of Covid-19 where in there were shortages of face mask. 

You can also request for customised design of face covering like what I did for a very reasonable price. She also made with a design of rainbow, a symbol of support with NHS workers on the front line, that I put flag patches of our country on the other side of the face covering. 

Baby Mask
Kids cloth reusable face coverings

Baby Mask
Please note: Baby's cloth face covering is for a very quick picture taking only,
as children under age of 2 years should not wear face coverings. 

For Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear's Reusable Cloth Face Coverings with Philippine Flag Patch

Adult Cloth Reusable Face Covering with Scotland Flag Patch

Adult Cloth Reusable Face Covering with Scotland and Philippine Flag Patches

The Face Covering Model

The Face Covering Model


After Birth Chronicle

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 0
Caitie Mairi

Yep! gave birth to a bouncing baby girl last January. Been so focused recovering and taking care of us to the point that I can't do many things. However, time flies so fast, I may not have recovered as quickly as I expected but our wee one is growing so healthy and a wee cutie, thank goodness! 

We recently got her this baby bathtub in Amazon, where you can find wide arrays of baby stuff must have, thats really good for this situation as they do deliver right to your door safely. 
Wee lassie trying the bathtub

Our wee ones feeding set

Please note: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no extra cost to you. Cheers!


LIFE IN THE UK: How to update address of a Spouse Visa holder

Tuesday, April 07, 2020 30

Moving house is tedious and updating contact details can add some stress. What's good in the UK is you can do mostly online. I listed those agencies that needed to inform of our change of address when you move house from within the UK:

1. Biometrics Residence Permit (BRP) .  It can be done online here ,  fill-up the online form and they will email an acknowledgement after successfully submitted the details, after few days they will email again confirming your records have been updated. 

2. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) . Updating your details to HMRC will also update your National Insurance Number, tax credits, benefits, and pension services.

3. You bank provider.

4. Change your Driving/Provisional License online here
5. Vehicle's log book (V5C)  if you are the registered keeper. More details

6. Your work, if you are working. Mostly you can change it on your work online account. 

7. Council Tax. I did mine online, at the City of Edinburgh Council's website , you can check your council's website for more information. 

8. Child/Children's bank provider. Our bank provider doesn't accept online change of address for child's account, I posted ours. You can contact you bank on how to do it.

9. Dental and Medical Practise.

             Don't forget, if you have:

1. Life Insurance

2. Car Insurance

3. House Insurance

4. Work Pension

5. Car Breakdown Provider

6. Loan Provider

7. Phone Provider

- You might inform as well your Electric and Heating provider. 

Hope I didn't forget something, if you know one , please drop in the comment box. Thank you! Enjoy the change !