Some Snaps of Caitie's First Scottish Summer Trip

Sunday, August 09, 2020 25

Scott Monument
Time flies so fast. Caitie is 7 months now. Getting big and heavier. Unexplainable feeling seeing her development. From a wee baby that the only things can do was take milk, cry, poo, pee and sleep. Now are too many to mention, I was planning to post about her monthly development but at the moment I can't do it... yet! I'm juggling around baby sitting, household chores, home decorating, some side-hustle, and family day out! 

And we were out today and let Caitie experience some things in life, lol. 

Baby Bus Ride
My husband and I was kinda worried on what would be her reaction on her first bus trip. Oh yeah, we were scared that she kicks of while in the bus or walking around. We were amazed that she was so curious looking around and giggling. Smiling with most of the people she saw in the bus. We were pleased that most people waving and smiling at her when we were walking around the Scott Monument. 
We came across lovely singing and dancing next to Art Gallery, Caitie was clapping and sort of 'singing' with the band.The centre was so lively, Princes street was loads of people shopping, taking photos, and enjoying the lovely scenery of the city centre... So nice to see the capital starting recovering from last few months. 

It wasn't all bed of roses though. She had a wee cry when we put her back in the buggy. The wee madam wanted us to carry her all along, but we just let her for a wee while and after few minutes she just fell asleep.
Edinburgh Photo
Edinburgh Photo

Edinburgh Photo

It was a nice Family Day Out! Nice weather, Sunny with a bit of chill.

Thanks for dropping by!
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UK Immigrant's Interview Series : Glynis' Life in the U.K.

Thursday, August 06, 2020 0
Immigrant blog photo (c) Anne Mills

Immigrant blog photo (c) Anne Mills

Meet Glynis, A Filipina married to a British citizen who now stays with her husband in England. 

Glynis owns a bag business and the first to introduce our very own Philippines Bayong to the U.K., see more of her gorgeous products from the links below:

Moving on to my interview: 

Q: Where you from ? 
A: I’m from Manila and I’m now living in Suffolk 

Q: What’s the reason of your migration? 
A: I moved to England 3 years ago. I’m married to a British citizen and we decided to settle here for good

Q: How long you’ve been here in the U.K. ? 
A: 3 years

Q: if you come here as Spouse of British National , how did you meet your spouse? 
A: I met my husband in Abu Dhabi where I worked and lived for 10 years. 

Q: Any struggle you experience on preparing your settlement visa? 
A: I think the settlement process is pretty straightforward so, no. I have not struggled at all.

Q: Would you mind sharing your career path? 
A: I’m a hospitality graduate and worked as an Office Manager for different sectors in the UAE. In the UK, I am a full time Data Analyst and I have taken a Degree level CIPD HR Qualification. I also own a bag business while juggling both my full time job and studies.

Q: Did you have a hard time finding job here? 
A: no, not really. I found a job 3 months after arrival in the UK as an Office Manager for a food production company. 

Q: How do you deal with homesick? 
A: I’ve been away from home since I was 22 and I have lived an independent life so I really don’t feel homesick at all. Maybe foodsick sometimes (missing asian food) and so I just try to cook as homey as I can.

Q: What do you miss most in the Philippines? 
A: food definitely! And the beach and the fine sand that they don’t have here!

Q: How did you adjust here (in the U.K.)? 
A: well. I have lived in a very diverse country (UAE) and I am well traveled, been to the US, Europe, Asia and the Americas and I guess anywhere you go, being able to go with the flow is a must to adjust in a new place while keeping your ground. Having an open mind helps a lot in adjusting to a new place or environment and that’s how I adjusted here.

Q: Did you experience a culture shock ? 
A: Yes and No. shock in the sense that some people in this country, especially in the isolated countryside can be quite ignorant and are not used to seeing people of colour. 

Q: How did you deal the expectation of others being married to Foreigner ? 
A: I never really felt being pressured of being married to a foreigner. I guess, we all have our lives to deal with and so for me personally, it doesn’t really matter what people say etc.

Q: How do you find life here compare to the Philippines ? 
A: this is one tough question as I haven’t lived in the Philippines for more than a decade and only went home to visit which lasts maximum of 10 days. I guess life in the UK is much more relaxed and laid back for me. The UK is much more organised in a lot of ways but life in the Philippines is something special as the warmth of love from friends you grew up with and family is definitely priceless!

Q: What is your greatest challenges in moving here (in the U.K. )? 
A: settling in to the countryside is quite a challenge for me because I grew up in a city and lived my entire life in big cities so to move and live in a countryside was quite tough but I have fully adjusted now - it’s always good to have your own car and able to move around freely.

Q: Where do you plan to retire and why ? 
A: not really sure. Maybe in the Philippines? 

Q: Do you have tips or words of wisdom to share with our readers of how life in the U.K. is ? 
A: Life in the UK in general is like living anywhere new. You have to make sure you are able to adjust with the western culture and respect the country and people as a whole. My advice to Filipinos when it comes to work is to never settle for less. Don’t ever think that because we are Filipinos, we can only do low paid jobs as it is not true. If you have the experience and the knowledge aim for the gold! Be confident and be proud of who you are!

Q: Anymore tips on what to expect in moving to the U.K. ? 
A: expect that the weather changes dramatically! 

That's all for now folks! Thanks for reading and thank you so much sis Glynis for unselfishly sharing your wisdom and life in the U.K. Lovely to know more about you!

The U.K. Immigrant's Interview Series was created for us to know more about life in the U.K. from the Immigrant's perspective. Hopefully can help others to know more of how is it to live here especially for those who are planning to migrate here. If you are immigrant in the U.K. and would like to be featured on Annefinity and beyond, give us a shout! Cheers! 


5 Reasons Why I Took A Break From Blogging

Tuesday, August 04, 2020 21
Year 2017 when I stopped blogging. Here are the five reasons why: 

I was focused with my U.K. Settlement (Spouse) Visa

December 2016 when I got married with my British (okay, Scottish as he always murmur) boyfriend then. From then on, we've been working out how I can come with him in Scotland. Unfortunately, getting a U.K. visa is quite tricky or should I say, it wasn't that easy. First quarter of the year 2017, I spent almost most of my time studying/reading on how to get a U.K. Settlement (Spouse) Visa. What makes it complicated at that time was that, initially my husband does not earn the required annual income to sponsor a spouse. We tried to work out how and thankfully, it happened. 

I lost my passion in blogging.

Year 2017 was a year of working out the U.K. Settlement Visa. Worked out the Financial Requirement and other necessary requirements like English Test and Tuberculosis Test. Compiled all the relationship proof like photos together, screenshots of chat history, his proof of travel in the Philippines, proof of remittances etc. Busy days and worries made me so tired to do more. My mind can't think of anything to write, I lost my track and I just don't wanna continue anymore. 

Was in awe settling in the U.K. 

Moving in another country was not easy especially to someone like me who was not used to living abroad. I felt like I was born again; new place, new people around , new work, new everything. 

I felt homesick

I didn't expect to feel homesick as I am use to having a trip anywhere. I didn't realise that holiday and totally moved to another country is a massive difference. I just dwell on my homesickness and so again I don't wanna do anything else during that time. 

Got settled and totally forgot to blog.

When I finally got all my documents needed for my U.K. residency and a job that I was enjoying, I totally forgot to blog. As if it doesn't exist. My old domain expired, didn't have the chance to renew it. I didn't write anything or even visit my blogsite. 

Right now, I am trying to revive everything on my blog. My lost passion to blogging reignite and doing some redesigning. Though I'm so busy with my baby at the moment, I am trying my best to write once in a while. 

Really appreciate your time to visit and read. The whole blog is still working in progress. Till next time! 


One Castle at a Time : Stirling Castle Scotland

Sunday, August 02, 2020 21
Sterling Castle

My husband and I love to travel, local or abroad we are trying to relax once in a while to escape from work and Scotland's cold weather.  Unfortunately this year, because of Covid-19 Pandemic we opted to travel locally. Not just for the two of us but because we have a wee one now to take care of and to consider when travelling .

Stirling Castle visit was kinda a sudden trip. We just wanted to be away for a wee while, drive around and ended up in Sterling Castle [But no, I planned it two days before, hehe]. Being a member of Historic Scotland, admission is free for us. In line with their safety measures, visitors must book in advance to guarantee an entry. 

But for those who are not a member admission fees can be found on Historic Scotland's website. 

For a brief information, according to Wikipedia, Stirling Castle is one of the largest and most important castles in Scotland ( I didn't bother to ask why ;) )

Alright, let's go to our #TravelPhotos. So, hold your breath for 200 plus photos of a day trip in Stirling Castle. Seriously! But don't worry, I won't post all of them, just few. Hehe.

sterling castle (c) AMsterling castle (c) AM

sterling castle (c) AM

sterling castle (c) AM

sterling castle (c) AM

sterling castle (c) AM

sterling castle (c) AM

sterling castle (c) AM

sterling castle (c) AM

sterling castle (c) AM

That's all for now folks! Cheers!