Five ways to earn extra cash for a stay-at-home mums in the UK

Tuesday, March 31, 2020 14
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It's always nice to have something to do during this lockdown, more so if we can earn from it. With lockdown or not, I listed my very own tested ways to earn extra cash as a stay-at-home mum.

1. Sell your skills in Fiverr .

       Fiverr is one of the freelancing platform, wherein you can offer your skills like digital marketing, graphics & design, writing & translation, video & animation, programming and a lot more.  More so, you can take their online courses to broaden your knowledge. 

2.  Mystery Shopping. 

           I've been doing this since 2011 and loving it. Earning extra on my spare time and getting free items. There were loads of opportunity on this kind of side-hustle. Some project can be done by visiting the shops or emailing the client or phone them. You choose what you prefer. Detailed information is always in the guidelines. If you want to be part of my mystery shopping family, please comment your email address and will get back to you the soonest possible time. 

3.  Be a Real Estate Agent. 
          Some might find it hard to sell a property but it's really rewarding. There's no easy way after all.  If you have kids and finding hard to go with the client for viewing, you can ask assistance with your manager who will always help you with your prospective clients. Take advantage of Facebook Page to promote the property.

4.  Paid Surveys. 

         There were loads of paid surveys around the web to earn points that can redeem to gift cards or cash but I'm limiting myself to what just I can do. I personally do Swagbucks, click my link to join. What I like with Swagbucks is if you're too busy and can't do surveys, they have quick way to earn points like answering the Poll or submit a photo/scan copy of your everyday receipts or just answering a 10 questions. 

        Ohmydosh do almost the same thing.

        YouGov is more of surveys that you can redeem cash after reaching the required points. 

5. Sponsored Posts & Reviews.

        When I started blogging, this is where I earn a lot. Years back, before Facebook, Instagram and Twitter get so popular, a certain website was very popular for sponsored reviews, it has a good deal to a part time blogger like me, unfortunately few years ago it stop running. Right now, Fiverr is my bet to find clients. You might one to start your own Fiverr account here
How about you, what's your way of earning extra ? Please share it on the comment box. Cheers! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Beware and Be Aware

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 0

Scammer is just around the corner. 

I'm a 1st time seller in eBay, selling some of my pre-loved items, however I'm not a first timer on using PayPal or the internet. So when this guy trying to scam me, bought the item and telling me that he already sent the payment through PayPal that was on hold until the item was ship, got a hint that something was not right, and yeah, it wasn't right. See the screenshots of emails and the email address he used. 

How to make a Guidance and Counseling Program Online Appointment

Monday, March 02, 2020 11
Now a days for a spouse of foreign national who would change their civil status from single to married on their passport the original and photocopy of Commission of Filipino Overseas (CFO) Guidance and Counseling Certificate of Attendance is required to submit. 

To attend the Guidance and Counseling Program (GCP), you must secure an appointment through the GCP On-line Appointment System (GOAS). Below are two links for the GCP sessions. 

  • When you are in the GCP Online appointment website, answer the preliminary questions by clicking "Yes" or "No" and choosing from the drop-down list, put your email address then submit to verify if you need to attend the GCP. 
GCP Online Appointment Preliminary Questions
  • To proceed with your appointment, check your email account inbox/spam and click the confirmation link sent to your email address and you will be redirected to the daily schedule of counseling. Scroll down to the lower portion so you can select date of appointment. Be sure of the appointment date you have chosen. Once you click, you can no longer go back and change to another date. 

  • After successfully providing the details, you will be emailed the PDF file of your appointment. 
Come an hour and a half before the start of the session as they conduct checking of documents and take photos for your online record. 

Its better to come early than be late because some security guards and receptionists were very strict and they wont allow you to enter. If you are lucky they might let you in if not you need to reschedule, but there was an instance that they really don't let you in when you were late like what they did to me. On my first schedule I was 15 minutes late and the guard on duty did not allow me to get in and headed me to the one who will reschedule my appointment. However, on my second appointment, I was an hour and a half early and I saw loads of late comers that they accepted. I was disappointed because I spent money coming over and on my second schedule I even rented a room in Manila just to make it so early, knowing traffic here in the Philippines, I was forced to do it and spent more money and when I saw that the guard on duty allowed late comers, I was so gutted. So unfair and very inconsistent.