Malaysia Trip Experience

Tuesday, September 04, 2012 0
List of Requirements

I suppose to bound in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia last September 3, 2012 for a day of visit/tour. But the Immigration Officer Mr. Ruel Reyes disallowed me to secure a visit pass as a Tourist. According to his report I was offloaded due to insufficient documents. As a first time traveler, It's another unforgettable experience, almost got a phobia because it seems he don't have time to listen on my explanations. And most of them keep on saying that its because we voted for P-Noy who made the process harder. Hopefully the Immigration Officers really do their job well.  Anyways, I have nothing to do with that, my money wasted already, didn't bother to rebook my flight as I already have 3 days unpaid leave. So, just want to share the requirements the immigration officer wanted me to secure. 

1. A proper ID (This is a Company ID, since I don't have a company ID)
2. Proof of Approved Leave of Absence ( I didn't know that I need this, I didn't get a copy) 
3. Certificate of Employment
4. Latest Payslip at least three (3) months to prove local employment
5. SSS contributions to ascertain claim of employment.
6. Proof of payments for hotel bookings ( the hotel I booked only allow the full payment when I arrived, what I hated at this moment they charged me the whole amount for cancellation)
7. Authenticated Affidavit of support (as sponsored travel)