My Top 10 Lists of Trusted Sellers on Vinted

Just like what I've mentioned on My Selling and Buying Experiences on Vinted's post  , I will list my top 10 trusted sellers on Vinted based on my personal experience and be reminded again that this is unpaid post. 

I chose them based on their pricing, item condition and customer service. Here they are:

  • McCaitie's Preloved Shop , this is our Vinted Wardrobe, including this on my list to share with you our own preloved items looking for a new home. Our personal items come from clean, pet and smoke free home. On a reasonable price and well described the condition and any flaws are with proof of photos and always stated. 
  • Pound007 , Vintee seller where in you can get a very good deal items , good price and items as described all the time. Very friendly and honest seller.
  • Rasel85 , Another lovely seller on Vinted, selling mostly authentic jewelries. I find her pricing , reasonably good especially her items are all new. She's one of those seller that you can surely trust with item condition, fast delivery and knows how to handle well her customers. 
  •  Marywilliams123 , Lovely Vintee, accommodating, friendly and really knows how to deal buyer very well. Items always in fab condition. 
  • dom1lach , is one of the sellers I love buying with again and again. Easy to deal with as a buyer and fab seller. I can't even find fault from this Vintee, all items that I bought from her was like new (if they are preloved) , she always give me discount and what more lovely is to receive a parcel with a free item. So easy to request reserving items with her, no questions ask. 
  • chrtyshoponline , so please to found this Vintee, love buying again again with this store as well, always fab deals on offers all the time, cheap items in a very good and as described. Lovely and excellent customer service. 
  • teeteebee40 , one of the Vintees that I'll treasure, so easy to deal with and very friendly. The item that I bought was as described. 
  •  jei_em , another fab Vintee. Items are as described and can get a good deal. Easy to deal with as a buyer and prompt payment. 
  • gemc17 , is one of my trusted Vintee , I always get a good deal with her , items are beyond my expectations considering the good price. 
  • annammc , is one of my fave sellers where I bought my wee ones lovely design of clothes, especially baby coats. Lovely to deal with. All items are in a reasonable price considering they are all in excellent condition. 

Preloved Sellers by Annefinity

I'm grateful that most Vintees  that I dealt with are lovely sellers and/or buyers.

If you decided to sign-up on Vinted please use my referral link and I'll get a £5 when you sign-up and lists your first 3 items. Sign-up and start selling your preloved!



  1. Never heard of Vinted. Sounds so interesting I might have to check them out.

  2. I never heard of this online sellers. I do hope they are honest and reliable online sellers.

  3. Thank for sharing this list. I've heard many good things about Vinted from my friend but I haven't really looked at it in detail.

  4. I noted your comments about the quality of Vinted from your previous post. I will have to check out these shops that you have lists here. Since I am not really familiar with this service, I am curious to check them out.

  5. This is a great guide for people who shop on Vinted. I have never heard of Vinted before.

  6. Never heard of Vinted but we have something similar here in our country - sometimes it's frustrating to buy or even sell things not knowing who to trust.

  7. Ndver heard of Vinted! I'll check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Never heard of vinted but it's always best to be skeptical when shopping online

  9. I think for shops such as Vinted, you really have to set certain safeguards to make sure your purchases are secure. It took me awhile to really go into online shopping, because I have trust issues. HAHA.

    But once you have set guidelines, things will be okay.

  10. I have to check out Vinted and the buyers you recommend. Is Vinted available all over the world because I haven't heard in Japan ywt.

  11. I just started selling thing on Vinted a couple of months ago. It is a great app. I'm moving so I need to get rid of a lot of stuff.