My Chinese Friend

Saturday, July 21, 2012 1

In the midst of the Panatag Shoul Dispute between China and the Philippines, my Chinese friend Liu Ju (with an English name Andy) shown his good deeds for me. On the first month of my work in Makati City Philippines, he trusted and allowed me to stay in his two bedroom hotel. Its a big factor for me because during that time I don't have means to rent a house or room to stay. I was very lucky because I grew up in a squatter area having a basic commodities for a living but because of him, for almost a month I experienced to stay in an air-conditioned room with a high technology appliances and nice furniture. My stay was awesome. Unfortunately, before my contract end in my job, he needs to go back to his home country because of his work. So there, a month of luxury was over and I was back in my real world :) . annenonimity