Dealing my own anxiety

Tuesday, October 02, 2018 0
As a newcomer in Edinburgh, there are loads of things to adjust and learn. As if I am born again, need to start everything from scratch. No friends, no relatives, no career. Homesick and anxiety are just few emotions will strike on you when your new in one place. Despite all that, I found ways, little by little I feel comfortable and belong. 

I was just so grateful with my husband, for all his patience, he supported me all along with my anxiety and depression. I appreciated and love him more than ever. Inspite of being busy at work, he always find time to be with me and wander together.

And ofcourse, I've learned to help myself as well. I've volunteer to some charity institution near our place and joined in a non-profit organisation like the Welcoming Edinburgh where I've met different people. Through Welcoming, I had a chance to meet and personally thank the Member of Parliament for Edinburgh South West, Joanna Cherry. I also experience to attend on what they called surgery, its meeting the MP to discuss a certain issues that matter to us. Felt overwhelmed with the experience. 

Now, I'm enjoying my new country, new home, and new life with my loving husband. 

Couple Goals: Our First Trip Abroad

Monday, August 27, 2018 0
J & A in Taiwan
Long overdue. I must admit I always set aside blogging. I have this habit of will do this, will do that later . This is the only time I can share to all of you our travel together, its been 6 months, hehe. 

For our early 1st year wedding anniversary celebration we went in Taiwan. As usual, I planned this few months ago. Booked a promo plane ticket and cheap accommodation. Searched and listed cheap and free places to go in Taiwan as well.

We stayed in Taipei and as a tourist we tried the Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus - Hop On, Hop Off on our first day. I'm kinda daft I didn't read the map and brochure well, we set aside the blue line which the bus finished early and so we end up not seeing those on the tourist spot where the blue line passes. 

However, we really enjoyed those on the red line tho . You will see here places that we managed to visit on the red line. 

Photo courtesy of Guide to Taipei

House and Lot for Sale | Cavite Project, Idesia Dasmariñas

Tuesday, January 09, 2018 0
#Idesia #Dasmariñas is a masterplanned community development that brings together modern Asian aesthetics and environmentally-friendly features. The #houses (like detached units and townhouses) are characterized by its clean and contemporary look―truly designed for starting couples, growing families, and young, urban professionals who simply want to come home after a hectic day at work or spend a staycation during weekends and holidays in the community’s active, recreation, and relaxation zones.

My Wanderlists

Monday, January 01, 2018 0
clouds above

I love travelling, it made me missed home very much. It refreshed me in doing those things that I almost gave up, hehe. I want to travel around the world, buy their specialties and put them altogether in my shop for those locals who wanted to own and feel like they been there. Travelling reignite my will to work hard, so I can fund my trip. hehe.
Below are the places I am dreaming of to explore ;)  

  • Rome - I'd love to visit churches in Rome.
  • Hong Kong (again!) - Because I fell inlove in going around in Hong Kong I would love to go back there.
  • Japan - Japan might be one of the expensive countries to go to in Asia but surely there's a cheaper way ;) . 
  • London - I'd love to be in London and see the famous London Bridge, hehe.
  • Paris - Paris in my romantic side is one of the best lovers' nest :-D .
How about you, what's yours? 

P.S.: Saw this on my draft, don't know why I haven't posted this, so here it is.