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The truth is I’m not fond of watching English movies. I just do when I’m with my boyfriend, high school friends or with my younger sister Neri. And so while my sister watching a movie to which I’m not that interested to join but I don’t have a choice because I have nothing to do at that time but to join her. During that time she is watching a pirated DVD of Nikita television series of which has been a full season 1 in one DVD. I fell in love with Nikita. My sister thought I like an assassin show just like one of my all time fave movie So Close. But the truth is I’m into the reason behind assassinating or why they became an assassin. I like Nikita because her personality reflects mine, lol, except being an assassin. She is a kind of person that always extends her help to someone whom she thought needs her help. Behind her tough personality and her expertise in fighting, she is a kind-hearted woman, can easily trust someone but knows how to handle the consequences. annenonimity

Maggie Q

Nikita is professionally known as Maggie Q, Margaret Denise Quigley in real life, is an American Actress and a former fashion model. And currently stars in the title role on the action-thriller TV series Nikita. Blog11

Maggie was born on May 22, 1979 and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She speaks English and Cantonese. Her father, a government employee, is of Irish and polish decent. Her mother, a golf course employee, is a Vietnamese immigrant. 

Shane West


And of course Mikita wasn't complete without Michael portrayed by Shane West, Shannon Bruce Snaith in real life, was born on August 20, 1978 in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The son of Leah Catherine (nee Launey) and Don Snaith (a drugstore owner), both of whom were musicians. 


English as Second Language (ESL)

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Learning English Language needs a lot of courage. Though I grew up in a country that English has been a long time second language, it has been hard for me to speak fluently. The main reason was of all my subjects I don’t like English, I’d rather solve an algebraic expression and calculus than to study English Grammar and Vocabulary. Recently, I admitted and accepted how important English Language is for the advancement of my education. Learning English as Second Language seems has been a world wide requirements, such as studying internationally and working abroad. South Korea spend too much to give students a very competitive English knowledge, most universities and schools hired a native English speakers so that Korean Students will be competitive enough acquiring an English proficiency. Blog11

Lately, I learned to love the things I hated for so long, that is to master my English Communication Skill. I know that’s one of my weaknesses, so I worked hard and still working hard to broaden my knowledge in English Communication. Just want to share some pointers.

The way that might help you to improve your English Communication are:

·       Keep reading English books. When there is a word that you don’t understand, find out the meaning and study its relationship in the sentence. This might enhance your vocabulary.
·     Review the basic grammar rules. To speak effectively, one must know the basic rules in grammatical structures. Most of the language errors of non-native English speakers are committed in this area.
·        Make a habit of listening an English song and watching and English movie or shows. While listening to your fave English song, hand the lyrics and mimic, with this you will use to hear and can learn from it.
·        Once in a while, read and study the English dictionary, and try to use every word in a sentence.
·        Practice to make a paragraph by answering a situation that interests you. This may help to enhance your writing ability
·        Practice to speak on front of the mirror. It is understandable that in the process of your study, you find it uncomfortable and timid to talk in English. Speaking in front of the mirror is the first step to feel comfortable and have confidence of acquiring a better English Communication.
·    Practice to talk in English with your family and friends. This may help you to get use in talking English. That in the long run, speaking English is just a normal part of your communication.
·    Alter your learning routine. Try to do different things each day to keep the various relationships between each area lively.
·     Make learning a habit. Everyday, give time to learn English. So that English will be constantly in your mind.
·    Be patient don’t be depress when you’re having a hard time. English learning is a process. Just Practice, Practice, and Practice. annenonimity

Philippine Bank SWIFT CODES (Bank Identifier Codes)

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ABN AMRO Bank                                         ABNAPHMMXXX
Allied Banking Corporation                        ABCMPHMMXXX 
American Express Bank Philippines            AMEXPHMMXXX
Asia United Bank Corporation                   AUBKPHMMXXX
Australia and New Zealand Bank               ANZBPHMXXXX
Banco de Oro Universal Bank                    BNORPHMMXXX
Banco Santander Philippines Inc                BSCHPHMMXXX
Bangkok Bank Public Company Ltd            BKKBPHMMXXX
Bank of America NA Manila                       BOFAPH2XXXX
Bank of China Manila Branch                     BKCHPHMMXXX
Bank of Commerce                                     ABIPHMMXXX
Bank of the Philippine Islands                     BOPIPHMM
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi Ltd                      BOTKPHMMXXX
BSP Payments Unit                                     PHCBPHMDXXX
BSP Treasury Department                           PHCBPHMMXXX
Chemical Bank Mla Branch JP Morg             CHASPHMMXXX
China Banking Corporation                         CHBKPHMMXXX
ChinaTrust Phil Commercial Bank               CTCBPHMMXXX
Citibank Cash Department                         CITIPHMXPRA
Citibank NA Manila Branch                         CITIPHMXXXX
CitiBank Treasury Unit                              CITIPHMXTSU
Deutsche Bank AG                                     DEUTPHMMXXX
Development Bank of the Phil.                   DBPHPHMMXXX
East West Banking Corporation                  EWBCPHMMXXX
Equitable PCI Bank                                    PCIBPHMMXXX
Export and Industry Bank                           EAIBPHMMXXX
Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank                   HSBCPHMMXXX
ING Bank NV                                             INGBPHMMXXX
International Comm Bank of China             ICBCPHMMXXX
International Exchange Bank                      INXBPHMMXXX 
Korea Exchange Bank                                KOEXPHMMXXX
Land Bank of the Philippines                      TLBPPHMMXXX
Maybank Philippines Incorporated              MBBEPHMMXXX
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co.                  MBTCPHMMXXX
Mizuho Corporate Bank                             MHCBPHMMXXX
Philippine Bank of Communications           CPHIPHMMXXX
Philippine National Bank                           PNBMPHMMTOD
Philippine Veterans Bank                          PHVBPHMMXXX
Philtrust Bank                                          PHTBPHMMXXX
Prudential Bank                                        PILBPHMMXXX
Rizal Commercial Banking Corp                 RCBCPHMMXXX
Security Bank and Trust Corp                    SETCPHMMXXX
Standard Chartered Bank                          SCBLPHMMXXX
Union Bank of the Philippines                   UBPHPHMMXXX
United Coconut Planters Bank                   UCPBPHMMXXX
United Overseas Bank Philippines             UOVBPHMMXXX


Al Amanah
Islamic Bank                                   ALAMPHM1XXX
Anchor Savings Bank                       ANCBPHM1XXX
Asiatrust Development Bank            ASDVPHM1XXX
Banco Filipino SMB                          FIAOPHM1XXX
Bank One Savings & Trust Corp       ONSTPHM1XXX
Bankwise Inc                                  BKWSPHM1XXX
BPI Family Savings Bank                 BPFFPHM1XXX
Centennial Savings Bank Inc           CNSVPHM1XXX
Equitable Savings Bank Inc             EQSVPHM1XXX
First Consolidated Bank Inc            FIOOPHM1XXX
GSIS Family Bank                          GSISPHM1XXX
HSBC Savings Bank Inc                  HSBSPHM1XXX
Insular Life Sav & Trust Co            ILSTPHM1XXX
Isla Bank Inc                                 ISTHPHM1XXX
Keppel Bank Philippines Inc            KEPHPHM1XXX
LBC Development Bank                  LBCDPHM1XXX
Luzon Development Bank               LUDVPHM1XXX
Malayan Bank SMB                         MAARPHM1XXX
Manila Banking Corporation           MABCPHM1XXX
Merchant Savings and LA, Inc.       MRCBPHM1XXX
Mindanao Development Bank          MDDEPHM1XXX
Orion Savings Bank Inc.                 ORSIPHM1XXX
Philam Savings Bank Inc                PHSAPHM1XXX
Philippine Business Bank                PPBUPHM1XXX
Philippine Postal SB                       PHPSPHM1XXX
Philippine Savings Bank                 PHLSPHM1XXX
AB Capital and Inv Corp                 CAVPPHM1XXX
BPI Capital Corp                            BPAPPHM1XXX
BPI Leasing Corp                           BPLIPHM1XXX
First Malayan Lsng & Fin.              FMLFPHM1XXX
First Metro Investment Corp          FMICPHM1XXX
Planters Development Bank            PLDEPHM1XXX
Premiere Development Bank          PRDEPHM1XXX
Queen City Dev Bank                     QCDFPHM1XXX
RCBC Savings Bank Inc                  RCSBPHM1XXX
Real Bank Inc                                RLBKPHM1XXX
Robinsons SB Corp                        RBNVPHM1XXX
The Palawan Bank                         PWDBPHM1XXX
UCPB Savings Bank                       UCSVPHM1XXX
Multinational Inv Bancorp              MUIAPHM1XXX
RCBC Capital Corp                        RCCOPHM1XXX
State Investment Trust Inc            STIVPHM1XXX


CB Housing Fund                          CBPHPHM1XXX
CB Provident Fund                        CBPFPHM1XXX -do- -do-
CB Car Plan Fund                          CBCPPHMIXXX -do- -do-
BPI Leasing Corp                          PLIPHM1XXX
First Malayan Lsng & Fin.             FMLFPHM1XXX
First Metro Investment Corp         FMICPHM1XXX
Planters Development Bank           PLDEPHM1XXX
Premiere Development Bank         PRDEPHM1XXX
Queen City Dev Bank                    QCDFPHM1XXX
RCBC Savings Bank Inc                 RCSBPHM1XXX
Real Bank Inc                               RLBKPHM1XXX
Robinsons SB Corp                        RBNVPHM1XXX
The Palawan Bank                         PWDBPHM1XXX
UCPB Savings Bank                       UCSVPHM1XXX
Multinational Inv Bancorp              MUIAPHM1XXX
RCBC Capital Corp                        RCCOPHM1XXX
State Investment Trust Inc            STIVPHM1XXX


CB Housing Fund                           CBPHPHM1XXX
CB Provident Fund                         CBPFPHM1XXX -do- -do-
CB Car Plan Fund                           CBCPPHMIXXX -do- -do-


Paypal Bank Codes for the Philippine Banks

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I've been very busy these days, that's why I can't blog as much as I want to. My part time job eats a lot of my time, in addition, my internet connection is not doing good. But while my connection is ok, I want to share the following:


9 digit bank code
  • ALLIED BANKING CORP – 010320013
  • ASIA UNITED BANK – 011020011
  • BANGKOK BANK – 010670019
  • BANK OF AMERICA – 010120019
  • BANK OF CHINA – 011140014
  • BANK OF TOKYO – 010460012
  • BANCO DE ORO (& EPCIB) – 010530667
  • BANK OF COMMERCE – 010440016
  • BANK OF THE PHIL ISLANDS – 010040018
  • CHINA BANKING CORP – 010100013
  • CHINA TRUST COMML BANK – 010690015
  • CITIBANK N.A. – 010070017
  • DEVT BANK OF THE PHILS – 010590018
  • DEUTSCHE BANK – 010650013
  • EAST WEST BANK – 010620014
  • EXPORT & INDUSTRY BANK – 010860010
  • FUJI BANK – 010640010
  • INTL COMML BANK OF CHINA – 010560019
  • INTL EXCHANGE BANK – 010680012
  • JP MORGAN CHASE BANK – 010720011
  • KOREA EXCHANGE BANK – 010710018
  • INTL NEDERLAND BANK – 010660016
  • LAND BANK OF THE PHILS – 010350025
  • MAYBANK OF THE PHILS – 010220016
  • PHIL TRUST COMPANY – 010090039
  • PHIL NATIONAL BANK – 010080010
  • PRUDENTIAL BANK – 010150018
  • PHIL VETERANS BANK – 010330016
  • SECURITY BANK & TRUST CO – 010140015
  • UNION BANK OF THE PHILS -  010419995
  • UNITED OVERSEAS BANK -  010270189

Employment Opportunities

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I saw this add in Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines website. Maybe some may like this job opportunity. 

Invesrtment/Project Specialist (to be stationed at Board of Investments BOI)

·         Job Description:  to support the Korean Contractors/Investors & Project Developers in the Philippines

·         Qualification:  Fluent in English, computer literate, relevant experience in investment/project identification, preferably graduate of  Ateneo, U.P., De La Salle, or Miriam College. 

·         Deadline:  March 7 (Wed)


 Coordinator for Copyright Affairs
Male or Female; under 30years old; with a degree from a reputable university; fluent in English and Filipino; preferably graduated law or legal management; with work experience in the field of copyright. 

Administrative  Staff
Female; under 26years old; with a degree from a reputable university; fluent in English and Filipino; interested in Korean culture; preferably with knowledge on Office software. 

Please send your curriculum vitae/resumé (which includes personal background, education, work experience and skills) with a 2x2 photo taken within a week by email only not later than Mar. 11. Note: Incomplete applications will not be processed. Only shortlisted applicants will be notified.

12F 6780 Jaka Building, Ayala Ave., Makati City

Tel: 0917-430-7611 

윤하 - 01 - 꿈속에서 / Younha-01-in my dreams

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While checking my cellphone's music folders, I've been trapped into a folder's named "My Hun's Fave Song" , from that folder I saved my ex-boyfriends' some fave songs and his dedicated song for me and also a Korean song entitled 꿈속에서 and sung by 윤하 (and if I got it right in English translation it's "In my dreams by Younha") which his student sent him. He thought I'm going to like it since the song is slow and kinda mellow, well I like it :), thank you ... actually I once made it as my cellphone's ring tone. I just want it to share from all of you ;).

Younha - In My Dreams (꿈속에서)

The moon sets at night and the dawn grows brighter
I look at the mirror and it makes me look smaller
Even if I can't breathe, my solitary day
Meets it's start once again

People who are like me under the same sky
They're so used to hiding their feelings
The only comfort is that in this place where we stand,
We are together, we're not alone

* I saw you in my dreams,
You flew over the sky and came to me
You can go anywhere, spread your wings
Trust me, believe in me

** Because they were things of the past,
I spend days looking down at my feet
But I get back on my knees, as if I'm dreaming
I close my eyes and go back to you

If I want anything from my one and only you
Is for me, who is filled with flaws, to lean on you
Even if I'm a step behind, at the end of our vision
We are together, we're not alone

* repeat

** repeat

Only you can save me
As always, I can't lean on anyone else

* repeat

** repeat