2016 Jeju Furey Christmas Orphanage Drive

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 0
2016 Jeju Furey Christmas Orphanage Drive

(Photo credit to Jeju Furey Foundation

I can't remember how many years I've been doing this; one, two, or almost three already, I can't remember how long but I still remember how it all started. Allow me to reminisce, emote, and share to you how it all started. 

Jeju Furey Foundation has a special or personal part in me. It was when I was checking my ex-boyfriend's friends list in Facebook and accidentally saw about Jeju Furey Foundation in one of his friends timeline. That was the time when my boyfriend then brought out the best in me. I felt that he really has a good circle of friends and I need to be good as well ;) . The time that I've realized that I love him so much was when we broke up. However, too late for me... 

I loved him so much that so hard for me to let go. Yes, I could not let go and decided to spread the love that I have for him to those things related to him.  From then on, I support the foundation in any way that I could, since the foundation support local families in need, on the island of Jeju, South Korea and I'm here in the Philippines, I support them every year on their Christmas Orphanage Drive. Jeju Furey Christmas Orphanage Drive is a one-month drive to raise as much money as they can to give every orphan on the island a special Christmas morning. You can place your donation to JejuFurey Foundation.

Give love on Christmas Day!