Blessed Day: Marlboro Crossover

Thursday, October 22, 2015 0
The lucky day continues. My sister's persistence in joining raffles was paid-off again. After years of joining in Marlboro Cigarettes promo, we finally won a very impressive prize, Samsung Galaxy S5 and watch.

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Watch

Blessed Day: The Gift Certificate

Thursday, October 15, 2015 0
GMA 7 had its Facebook promo. My sister's diligence was paid-off! After playing the game all day and mid-night she've got the highest points which has a prize of 2,500 worth of gift certificate. Yahoo!!!

The Winners

The Gift Certificate
Super late post :D ...

AlDub is sweeping the world

Tuesday, October 06, 2015 0
Indeed AlDub captivated the attention of the world!!! Being trending almost everyday in Twitter for every hashtag, and even set a new world record in Twitter no doubt AlDub really captured not just the heart of Filipinos but the world.

The happiness that AlDub gave us is immeasurable and no words can explain. Admit or not the AlDub and the Kalyeserye itself gave us the chance to laugh and be happy even on the worst time of our life.

(c) Eat Bulaga

Annefinity's Featured Shop: Cara Diane + Co

Sunday, October 04, 2015 0
For all the art lovers like me check out Cara Diane + Co who make art so we can wear it. 
Meet Cara Diane founder + designer of Cara Diane + Co.
 Cara Diane create her own pieces of apparel and accessories inspired from her affinity for being unique.
Why not let your shirt do the talking, visit Cara Diane + Co's wide array of apparel that can be perfectly match with a tribal cartilage earring a super unique way to show off your cartilage piercing. 

Here's a very special pick from Cara Diane + Co jewelry collections:
Tribal Feather Cartilage Earring  $ 4.99 $ 5.99
The 12mm sterling silver ring earring includes a feather charm and blue accent bead.
The earring fits an average size cartilage piercing. (18 gauge)

Here's the variety of apparel at Cara Diane + Co:

Collections of Apparel

Collections of Apparel

Collections of Apparel

Collections of Apparel

Collections of Apparel

Collections of Apparel

Collections of Apparel

I bet we can expect to see more great things in the upcoming weeks!
So, don't forget to check Cara Diane + Co every now and then to grab your cool tank top, and tee!

- Anne