Annefinity's Featured Shop: The Smartphone Mall

Monday, May 25, 2015 21
Today's featured shop is The Smartphone Mall!
The Smartphone Mall sells a huge assortment of smartphone accessories such as iphone chargers, cases, adapters, screen protectors, headphones, arm bands, touch screen gloves, bluetooth devices and music accessories. It has one of the largest selection of iphone accessories. Same day shipping on most orders. They carry all the major brands. Lifetime warranty on all it's products with free return shipping. Great customer service. 


Battery Case

Battery Case, USB Cable, and Pin Adapter

Bluetooth Speakers

Make sure to check out The Smartphone Mall!

5 Outfits I Love from Camille Co

Saturday, May 16, 2015 0
I'm also fond of looking to a fashion blog like Camille's fashion blog. I'm not sure when I started following her blog but from then on the series of photos below were my favorites (oppps! haven't check the new post yet ;) )

Number 5 from my list!

This is my number 4!

This cool dress is number 3 on my list!

And this is my number 2!

Tadan!!! This is my ever favorite, my number 1!

- photo credit to the owner

5 Extreme Thrill Rides at Enchanted Kingdom

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 0
I've decided to list down the extreme thrill rides at Enchanted Kingdom that I rode/experienced not just from our recent visit but from the very start way back I guess 6 years ago.

No. 5
Jungle Log Jam
No. 4
Flying Fiesta

No. 3
Anchors Away

No. 2
Disk O' Magic

No. 1
Space Shuttle

Photo courtesy of Engr. Reymond Ciupan

Happiness Overload in Enchanted Kingdom

Sunday, May 10, 2015 0
This is not my first time in Enchanted Kingdom (EK) but #EK did not fail to excite and bring joy within me. There are new rides, take note extreme thrill rides that really make my heart palpitate to nervousness and excitement. The series of photos was taken there during our visit to celebrate my cousin's 10th birthday. 

Jungle Log Jam
Oh yes!!! Expect to get wet in Jungle Log Jam

Hide away!!!

Train!!! at Boulderville Express

A nice decal to take photos of

View from the top of wheel-of-fate

View from the top of wheel-of-fate

Ekstreme Tower

Roller Skater

Space Shuttle

at Wheel of Fate

Anchors Away

View of Wheel of Fate in front of Swan Lake

Get dizzy at Flying Fiesta !!!

Disk O' Magic

At front gate of EK


Photos owned and taken by Reymond Ciupan using #Samsung #S4

6 Backyard Water Garden that I Adore

Sunday, May 03, 2015 0
As I surf online, saw these photos that really captured my interest and because my favorite noon time show Eat Bulaga posting their Fave6, I'm inspired to post mine. 

So, these are #MyFave6 Water Garden!!!

(c) to the owner of the photos