5 things I like most in Hong Kong

Saturday, April 18, 2015 0

  1. Convenient Public Transportation – Coming from Laguna, Philippines where in you can spend almost 2 hours and so travelling in Manila because of heavy traffic, Hong Kong is just like a heaven when it comes on getting around. Mass Train Railways (MTR) was awesome, fully air-conditioned. No need to wait for long hours, in less than five minutes the next train comes. I really love to travel around whatever mode of transportation it is here in Hong Kong. 
  1. Free admission tourist spot – You can see some beautiful places in Hong Kong free without disappointment. If you are on a tight budget, you can still enjoy Hong Kong by going to those free admission tourist spot. 
  1. Affordable & Presentable Souvenirs – There are night markets in Hong Kong where in you can haggle. Souvenirs are presentable that mostly come in a nice box.  
  1. Shopping – When you have budget for shopping, it is not that hard, in every corner there is an establishment where you can shop. 
  1. The Octopus Card – this card is a reusable stored value smart card. Widely use for paying fare in all buses and MTR as well as in 7-Eleven, Bread Talk, Vendo Machine as per experienced.