Reigniting my lost love in Instrumental Music through Seoul Chamber Society

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 0
I celebrated my birthday watching Seoul Chamber Society's Asean Tour Concert. I enjoyed it more than I expected. 

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Seoul Chamber Society
Photo courtesy of KCCPH

Seoul Chamber Society during the performance
Photo courtesy of Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCCPH)

Seoul Chamber Society, established in 2009, is based in Seoul, Korea. The Chamber comprises about 30 members who pursue parallel careers as international soloists, members of prominent chamber groups, and music professors/tutors. With instruments of the string, wind, brass, and percussion groups, the ensemble's repertoire ranges from baroque to contemporary, in addition to chamber music and symphonic works. For this tour, C. Saint-Saen Septet for Trumpet, String Quintet and Piano, Op. 65. Dvorak's Piano Quartet, and a variety of delightful music pieces will be performed by 15 performers. 


1. W.A. Mozart        Oboe Quartet in F major, K.370
                              I. Allegro
                              Performed by Ob. Jiwon YOON / Vn. Wonsoon CHUNG/Va. Hyesoon YANG/Vc Sookjung LEE

2. P. Sarasate          Zigeunerweisen, Op. 20             
                               Performed by Vn. Yookyung MIN/Pf. Nayoung KIM

3. A. Dvorak            Piano Quartet in Eb major, Op. 87  
                               II. Lento
                               Performed by Pf. Nayoung KIM/Vn. Jungeun WOO/Va. Sumin SEO/Vc. Jihoon KIM

4. C. Saint-Saens       Septet for Trumpet, String Quintet and Piano, Op.65
                               II. Menuet
                                       IV. Gavotte et Final
                               Performed by Trp. Heechan AHN/Vn. Sunhee KIM, Kyungmook LIM, Va. Sumin SEO Vc. Haejune                                                             PARK/Db. Changho KIM/Pf. Jihyun CHO


5. A. Marcello          Oboe Concerto in D minor
                               Performed by Ob. Jiwon YOON & Seoul Chamber Society

6. E. Grieg               Last Spring, Op.34 - No.2
                               Performed by Seoul Chamber Society

7. P. Tchaikovsky      Waltz (Serenade for Strings)
                                Performed by Seoul Chamber Society

8. G. Torelli              Trumpet Concerto in D major 
                                Performed by Trp. Heechan AHN & Seoul Chamber Society

9. A. Piazzolla          Oblivion
                                Performed by Trp. Heechan AHN & Seoul Chamber Society

10. A. Piazzolla        Invierno Porteno
                                Performed by Seoul Chamber Society 

11. B Bartok             Romanian Folk Dances
                                Performed by Seoul Chamber Society

12. Hyungsuk KIM      I Believe (Movie 'My Sassy Girl' OST)
                                Performed by Seoul Chamber Society 


  1. Sunhee KIM | Violin
  2. Wonsoon CHUNG | Violin
  3. Jungeun WOO Violin
  4. Kyungmook LIM Violin
  5. Yookyung MIN Violin
  6. Hyesoon YANG Viola
  7. Sumin SEO Viola
  8. Jihoon KIM | Cello
  9. Sookjung LEE | Cello
  10. Haejune PARK | Cello
  11. Changho KIM | Contrabass
  12. Jiwon YOON | Oboe
  13. Heechan AHN | Trumpet
  14. Jihyun CHO | Piano
  15. Nayoung KIM | Piano

Article cited from Korea Foundation's edition of Korea Festival in ASEAN 

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