26th SEAGAMES Indonesia 2011

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:D as of this writings Philippines has 26 Golds in 26th Sea Games 2011 as we just finished watching the Men's Basketball and the Philippines beat Thailand with the scores 85 - 57 in favor of the Philippines.  Good luck Philippine team! ... We are proud to all of you. 

CountryOverall Medal
   Lao PDR
   Timor Leste
   Brunei Darussalam
         Grand Total

Read more:http://apps.seag2011.com/rs2011/bm/cm/MedalsTally.aspx?sname=26th%20SEA%20Games%20Jakarta-Palembang%202011#ixzz1eFmLTZLG

GMA 7 Short Film

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These days, I don't really watch tv since i spend too much on computer and thinking on what to do next on my life. One night I joined my sister as she is watching different shows on different channel, from channel 13 as she is watching her favorite sports basketball, going to channel 5 during half time or time-out, then to channel 7 (GMA 7 as widely known ).

From Channel 7, she didn't changed the channel where at that time is airing a short film. A short film that shows the value of Christmas essence. It goes on how a two young boys struggle for a living. And it touched me in many ways. 

As I grew up with my two younger half sisters, we've been through a lot of ups and downs and managed to past all of it together with my mom. I envisioned our life to them. 

 I was touched as the two boys helping out each other to go to school and for their daily lives. They just borrowing each other's school uniform (from polo to socks and shoes). When the other one is done from his class he automatically give the uniform to his brother and after doing his assignments, he is going to push cart and sell goods. And as the Christmas day came, the other boy feel sorry for his brother that nobody bought goods that they might use to buy food (I'm not sure in particular) for Christmas Eve. And then they saw a gifts from a good Samaritan. 

Come to think of it, sometimes we felt that we are the one and only persons who suffered difficulties in life, without even knowing that somewhere out there, are some families and person that is suffering and getting much trials than you had. That in life it is fine to think of what we don't have but use it to strive harder and dream for a better life without loosing hope while appreciating and loving what we have. And don't forget to look back and thank those people who love, help, trust, appreciate and believe in you during those days that you can't share anything other than your time and love. 

Well done GMA Channel 7, as always, you inspire us and open our eyes and heart in this kind of life.  


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Master’s Scholarship in Advanced Science at Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University, Japan 2012

Study Subject(s):Advanced Science

Course Level:Master’s

Scholarship Provider: MEXT
Scholarship can be taken at: Japan


Master’s Program
(i ) Those who will come to Japan from a foreign country newly for IGPAS admission.
( ii) Those who were born on or after April 2, 1977.
(iii) Those who intend to complete the master’s and doctoral programs within five years from admission.
(iv) Those who satisfy the application requirements designated by MEXT.

Scholarship Open for International Students: Yes

Scholarship Description: The International Graduate Program for Advanced Science (IGPAS) was initiated in October 2004 as one of the first International Priority Graduate Programs supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Technology (MEXT). The lecture courses are taught in English, and the students are not required to learn the Japanese language, although you are encouraged to learn it for your daily life. Scholarships and housing opportunities are available to make it easier for students from developing countries to apply. Since its establishment in 2004, 31 students from 19 countries have earned Master of Science degrees, and 24 have earned Ph.D. degrees, as of September 2011.

How to Apply: Post

Scholarship Application Deadline: November 30, 2011


Big Thing

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Kapitan Min & Jang Geum
Jewel in the Palace/Dae Jang Geum
I'm not really an avid fan of a Korean Telenovela, tho i appreciated some of it, like Jewel in the Palace ( Dae Jang Geum , 대장금 )  It is based on the true story of Jang-geum, the first female royal physician of the Joseon Dynasty. The main themes are her perseverance and the portrayal of traditional Korean culture, including Korean royal court cuisine and traditional medicine and was the highest rated Korean Novela from November 2005 to March 2006 in the Philippines.  http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/daejanggum/index.html

Full House 

Full House (풀하우스, Pul-hauseu) Starring Rain and Song Hye-kyo that has been awarded as Best Couple in 2004 KBS Drama Awards . What I like about Full House is the house :D and the character of Song Hye-kyo .

Jenny and Johnny
And also 

Endless Love: Autumn in my Heart 

I almost forgot the synopsis of the story, but i knew deep inside i like this Korean Telenovela. :D ...

Maureen Seo and Edward Ha
And the latest Korean Novela that I like is 
Big Thing/Daemul (대물 lit. "Big Shot"/"Big Thing"/"Big Fish"; also known under the title The President) . The story is focused more on politics than the love story. But i find it "kilig" since Edward Ha showed his undying love and support to Maureen Seo. And I find it also interesting because i can see myself to Maureen, not on the politics side but more on her dedication for what she think is right and what is the best for her constituents. That she didn't give up easily and find things for the better.   http://tv.sbs.co.kr/president/ 

All in all, what made me hooked on them is because of the simple "kilig" love stories :D I'm kinda Hopeless Romantic ;) ... and in fairness the actors and actresses made the justice on the stories. And the scenery are beautiful. We can't deny that South Korea is one of a beautiful Countries...  

I Can Wait Forever...

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Before I go to bed, I want to share this song, one of the songs that I dedicated to my
"Mr Forever and After" ... 

I Can Wait Forever lyrics

 Air Supply

When you say I miss the things you do,

I just wanna get back close again to you.
But for now your voice is near enough.
How I miss you, and I miss you love.
And though all the days that pass me by so slow,
all the emptiness inside me flows all around,
and there's no way out.
I'm just thinkin' so much of you.
There was never any doubt.

I can wait forever if you say you'll be there too.

I can wait forever if you will.
I know it's worth it all to spend my life alone with you.

When it looked as though my life was wrong,

You took my love and gave it somewhere to belong.
I'll be here when hope is out of sight.
I just wish that I was next to you tonight.
And oh, I'll be reaching for you even though
You'll be somewhere else, my love.
We'll go like a bird on its way back home.
I could never let you go.
And I just want you to know...

Where are you now,

along with the thoughts we share?
Keep them strong somehow.
And you know I'll always be there.

chorus repeat and fade

Looking for More Scholarships?

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Hi Guyz, can't focused on blogging these days, i'm quit busy and nervous for my upcoming TOEFL iBT test, but to those who is looking for a scholarships you can go to the link to check what scholarship is best for you...

Good luck to us!

Cheers!!! ...


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Whew! I'm getting nervous for my upcoming TOEFL iBT Test... I'm doing some free online review on my own since i cant enroll to some review center because it's too late already. My exam is on Saturday at 9am. 

I'm nervous because I know i'm not that good in English grammar, in fact i hate it during my school days to the point that i'm cutting my classes on it.

Sometimes you have to embrace some things that you hate for your better life in the future. :D 


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MBA Scholarship for International Students Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Study Subject(s):MBA

Course Level:Master’s

Scholarship Provider: Nanyang Technological University
Scholarship can be taken at: Singapore


You are eligible for this scholarship if you are an international student seeking admission to pursue a full-time MBA programme at NTU. Eligibility criteria Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents are not eligible to apply Selection is based on the your scholastic achievements as well as financial circumstances and other relevant factors You should not be on paid employment or accept paid employment or concurrently hold any other scholarship, fellowship, bursary or top-up allowance during the prescribed period of the award

Scholarship Open for International Students: Yes

Scholarship Description: Nanyang Technological University invite NTU-MBA Scholarship for International students.
How to Apply: By post
Scholarship Application Deadline: Open in October each year.



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Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship for for Bachelor/Master/Doctor degree program in USST, China

Study Subject(s): Subjects taught at University

Course Level: Bachelor/Master/Doctor degree program

Scholarship Provider: Shanghai Municipal Government
Scholarship can be taken at: China

1. Non-Chinese citizen in good health
2. Applicants pursuing Bachelor’s degree should hold High School degree diploma or the equivalent and should be under the age of 25, and the applicant can only apply for Type B or Type C scholarships. Applicants pursuing Master’s degree should hold Bachelor degree diploma or the equivalent and should not be under the age of 35. Applicants pursuing Doctor’s degree should hold Master degree diploma or the equivalent and should not be under the age of 40.
3. The applicants should have excellent academic records.
4. The applicants should be in default of any other Chinese government scholarship.

Scholarship Open for International Students: Yes

Scholarship Description: USST administers 3 types of international students scholarship offered by the Shanghai Municipal Government in an attempt to encourage excellent international students and scholars to study at USST.
Type A (full scholarship)- It is granted to excellent international students who will apply for Master/Doctor degree program in USST
Type B (partial scholarship)-  It is granted to excellent international students who will apply for Bachelor/Master/Doctor degree program in USST
Type C (scholarship for outstanding students)-  It is granted to outstanding international students who take long term degree program in USST.

How to Apply: By Post

Scholarship Application Deadline: Type A – Jan 1st to Jun 10th every year, Type B- Jan 1st to Jun 10th every year, Type C- Mar 1st to Sep 30th every year


Tips on How to Stay Healthy and Young...

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Just sharing some tips from my own thoughts ;) 

Be Good. 

     1st, Be Good to yourself, in a way that don't abused yourself. Eat well, live well, enjoy with limitation, don't do things that you know isn't good to your health.
     2nd, Be Good to other people, do good without expecting anything in return is a good feeling inside. Less expectation so less ill feelings then less stress.

Smile and be happy. 

     Don't dwell too much in pain. It is ok to cry as long and as hard as you wan't, but be sure when you stop crying you won't cry for the same reason anymore, and you should know how and when to stop. Learn and manage your emotions very well, people around you will tend to absorb your bad feelings and so,you might affect them for your ill feelings. When you smile and happy, you don't just help your self but other people too. When they see someone who have a good smile and always happy, you can encourage them that no matter how hard it is to live, it is worth it, we should take everything as a challenge.  

A Candle...

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I'm going to tell you something...

I'm not good expressing my feelings in writing... especially in English ...maybe because i know i'm not good in English grammar, and i don't have enough confidence when it comes to my English grammar, but now i'm doing it for some personal and not so personal reasons :D ... 

When i am down or really sunk in melancholy, i tend to vent with my close friends or with my boyfriend, whom i consider my sounding board... I thought it is good, yes it's good... good for me, because I tend to released my sadness, i became fresh and the pain fade away for the thought that they are there to listen, knowing that I have them in time of my downfall.

Until, i realized its just good for me, and not for them... It makes them feel the pain that i had, that makes them brought to melancholy and worst make them feel that I am just their burden...

:)I feel sad at first and feel bad, of course, knowing that the person I depend on and thought that they are the one who will leap me up when I am down is the same person who makes me feel out of my feet again...

But then i realized, I have to be matured enough, I need to be unselfish, I have to grow up and change a little, so the person i value will see me as an asset and not just a burden, I'd rather be their candle that light them up in time of darkness... That no matter how I am hurting, I'm choosing to hide the pain... just like a candle, giving light while silently burning...