A Visit in Korean Cultural Center: Minhwa Exhibit

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 0
Minhwa: The Meaning of Symbols in Folk Painting

Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines was very effective in promoting/sharing their culture here. There's always a certain period where they launch exhibit and for the March 8 to April 30, 2013 period it was "Minhwa: The Meaning of Symbols in Folk Painting". Their office is open for public Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:30pm. 

What is a Folk Painting?

Korean Folk Painting does not only express the warmth and aesthetic sense of the Korean People, but it also depicts the varying aspects of their lives that show hope, peace, happiness, the signs of luck as well as demon exorcism. This is the Korean practical painting with which all people from different social status are familiar of, from the King down to the ordinary people.

Korean Folk Paintings were drawn in all probable ways such as modern artists who long for new modes of creations and outputs from numerous materials which are undeterred by convention and contents.

The painting is produced through expression of the fantastic world with free and bold thought. Also, the painting features the unpretentious Korean cultural characteristics and originality.  

                                               -          From Korean Cultural Center Minhwa brochure.

Bookshelves/Chang Soo SONG

Character Picture/ In Soo YOON

Character Picture/ In Soo YOON

Mystical creature long life symbol / Goang Bok KEUM

He Is Not Just Into Me

Tuesday, April 02, 2013 0

Actually, I didn't expect a good answer from him... but then, I'm still hurt, so much...

I have lot of words to say in mind, however I felt I'm emotionally drain enough to say it.

And so what is this all about? 
I just want to vent, I want to release the pain I feel. 

To the extent that, when I sleep, I don t want to wake up anymore, because it so hard to go on without him, for countless times, I don t know how to live not in pain knowing that he is not mine anymore.

The past year was the hardest part of my life, our relationship struggled, I left my job and got sick. I wanted to commit suicide. But the thought of he will wait for me or he is just there for me, made me stand up and hope remained that we can be together again.

I spent the year finding ways to be with him, I gave him space that he needed/wanted, while doing the best that I can to be on his side. Again, I refused all of the good career offered because deep inside me, what I want is just to be with him and that in my heart, my future is to be with him. 

But while I'm busy finding ways to be with him, he was busy seeing other woman...

I can't blame him, I know its all my fault, I pushed him too hard.

I was sunk in melancholy that time, thinking that the Korean Embassy almost ruin my life, and knowing that I don't have an assurance on what he feels towards me, after the denial of my visa, I was lost. The only way I thought that can vanished and stop the sadness I felt was to broke up, I thought it is the easy way, I thought, I can stop the melancholic days by breaking up. Until I cant have him back... 

But I'm wrong, as when I fell inlove unaware, I'm also unaware that I never stop loving him that I turn mylife into him. 

Over the years, I remain faithful and loyal for him, thinking that I'm only for him.

Lot of whys and because lingers in my mind. 

Why all of this happen?
Why he easily gave up on us? 
Why he didn't gave it another try?

Is it because, I don t have enough money to support myself in following him?
Is it because, he thought that I can be too dependent on him for everything?
Is it because, he thought that I can't work on my own wherever he is? 

I know it's a big YES!?!

I felt it's so unfair, I don't wanna lay my cards on him, I know I just need his support and believes for us and for me . I know it wasn't easy but for sure it's worth it. I'm hoping that he discover and see my worth. I wish he found out my value.

I understand him, but understanding him doesn't mean I'm not going to be hurt...
Pain was over me... And again I was lost and don't know how to go on with my life... 

Well, is not that I don't want to let go and move on, is just that, if I'm going to forget him, I wan't it to be my hearts decision, if not, I'm ready to love him forever...