7 Awesome Headboard Themes I Adore

Recently, I spent too much time reading online article about art, including Architecture Art and Design sphere. One of the websites I follow in facebook is the page of Architecture and Design. They never failed to amused me on their ideas. 

Below were my 7 favorite headboard ideas:

Picture Frames Headboard
I love the color combination of frames for this idea.

It will definitely give a happy atmosphere in the room. 

Paddle Headboard
What I like in this Paddle Headboard is that,
this design is something new for me.
Its uniqueness complement to the color and design
of pillows and lighting

Shower Curtain Artwork
The elegant look of this artwork got my attention.
Oh yes! Look so simple yet elegant. 
Shelves Headboard
The combination of a couple of shelves
and a modern looking bed with bright color
that contrast to each other really captured my artistic side.

Patchwork-effect Headboard
Again, in this photo, the color combination made this theme
perfect, and love it!

Artwork Headboard
A nice choice of large piece of artwork, surely,
will give an awesome look in your room.

The Book Headboard
The Book Headboard is very interesting,
something different.


  1. i like all of the headboards above but the shelves headboard took my breath away... =)

  2. Me too, hehe. That was my first love! :d