People Behind Me Making Money Online

I'm an Internet Savvy or I would say Facebook and Yahoo Messenger addict. When I struggled emotionally and financially, surfing the net is my way of venting. While checking around I was bugged from one blogger to another. And I was entertained again, inspired and learned a lot from each and everyone of them.

At first, I do blog just to practice my English Grammar and Vocabulary for some personal reasons. And I never thought I would have a chance to make money from it.  Until, I found these great people.  

I broaden and discovered creating free website through my schoolmate Sheryl Felipe. She's also the Gorgeous Woman behind me doing Paid to Click (PTC)

I was inspired by Ate Betchay of Buhay sa Korea Blog, She is a Pinay married to a Korean. I accidentally ended-up to her site while finding tips of going to South Korea. Her blog description was Pinay, Seoulite, Working Mom, and Wife to a Korean. She's been one of my inspirations.Whenever I feel lazy to write, I just go to her site and read. Her site never fails to amused me and envy her. Lol, in spite of her busy days, she still manage to write. I can say that her blog is not focus in one topic, and yet she captured the attention of readers. And mind you she is also a simple entrepreneur that added to the lists of why I admire her so much ;) .

And another person behind the new Technology that captured my attention was Gem, The Lady Programmer. I've learned a lot from her blog regarding making money online and some of the best ways of getting paid from it. 

And Odesk was personally introduced to me by my cousin Raymond Geronimo Ciupan. 

In addition, Junci Arceta is my latest partner with this who help me from designing to -- ;)

Thanks to all!

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