My Selling and Buying Experiences on Vinted

I used to give away our preloved and outgrown clothes, but pandemic, being stuck at home,  made me realized that if I can make extra income from them, why not give it a try. 

I used to sell preloved gadgets and bags on eBay but first quarter of this year I've tried selling in another selling platform Vinted, after seeing their advert on YouTube. I am hook as so easy to list and buyer is the one who paid for protection fee and postage, that encourage me to use and list our other preloved items because I don't really like to set the price too high. As long as you don't overprice the items, they sell fairly quickly.

Summarising the Pros and Cons that I've discovered. 

The Pros that I've noticed selling on Vinted:

  • No seller fees
  • Easy to lists
  • Postage paid by buyer
  • App is so user-friendly 
  • One negative feedback won't affect the 100s positive ones.
  • Quick withdrawal of money upon confirmation of delivery. 
The Cons as a seller
  • So far I haven't experience any.

From selling to buying on Vinted.

I am so pleased selling on this platform because whatever price I set is mine once the order is completed. However, seems there is no perfect platform, I found buying here as a nightmare if you fall from seller who just want money and set aside credibility as a good seller with excellent customer service. 

Preloved Clothes

Yes, beware from Seller that putting descriptions and condition to an item as ' VERY GOOD ' , Vinted describe a Very Good item that is lightly used that may have slight imperfections, but still looks great. To my dismay, I've encountered a lot of seller describing items Very Good inspite being worn, as in faded clothes , if you are (NOT SO) lucky , you will receive an item with holes and Bobbling but not stated in the descriptions. What makes this annoying is that, Vinted doesn't have a free return policy, if you so so (NOT) lucky, if you decided to return the item, as Vinted's (unfair) policy, whatever the reasons, buyer will shoulder the postage on returning the item/s , unless the seller agreed to shoulder or pay half of the postage fee which is rare from my experience so far. 

Photo Preloved Seller

I listed my best sellers where I use to buy, please note this is not a paid post or paid link building, this is from my experience, sharing to all of you just incase you wanted to have a look and see what they offer. Although, for sure there are a lot of good sellers out there but opted to lists those I already bought from. 




  1. Thank you for sharing your experience at Vinted. I know someone who's also selling at Vinted and she loves the platform. It's a great way to earn extra income.

  2. I think I will give Vinted a try definitely. Thanks for the valuable tips that you have amplified when buying something from another buyer on this platform

  3. Even I need to give away my children clothes and not able to do so because of this pandemic. Thanks for listing the best sellers where you use to buy, will certainly check them out

  4. I hadn't heard about this platform before, I will have to check it out. We gave a way a lot of clothes during the pandemic -- I wish I had known about this site then.

  5. Never heard of 'Vinted' sounds nice! Thanks for your buyer beware statement. I'll have to check out this app soon!

  6. My brother has being looking for a site where he can sell his PDFs, looks like amazon is not working for him. I'll check out this site and see if it's the perfect site for him.

  7. I have so may pre-loved T-shirts. I think, I will give this plaform a try.

  8. This is such a good idea, I have so many pre-loved things that are in good condition and can be given away. Will give it a try

  9. Its good that your selling experience with Vinted went smoothly. I haven't tried selling my pre-loved clothes online, coz I tried to upcycled them as much as I can.

  10. I have never heard of Vinted but I can get the gist of it with what you are saying. I learned a lot from this post and will check it out,

  11. Hmmmm. We have a ton of stuff and who doesn't need extra cash right? Thanks for sharing your experience with the platform. Will check it out haha

  12. I didn;t know about Vinted till this post. Thanks for introducing me to it and sharing your experience. people really find a lot of ways to earn extra these trying times. love it!

  13. I don't like when buying from someone who is only doing it for the money. This is not a good sign to buy from him.