5 Reasons Why I Took A Break From Blogging

Year 2017 when I stopped blogging. Here are the five reasons why: 

I was focused with my U.K. Settlement (Spouse) Visa

December 2016 when I got married with my British (okay, Scottish as he always murmur) boyfriend then. From then on, we've been working out how I can come with him in Scotland. Unfortunately, getting a U.K. visa is quite tricky or should I say, it wasn't that easy. First quarter of the year 2017, I spent almost most of my time studying/reading on how to get a U.K. Settlement (Spouse) Visa. What makes it complicated at that time was that, initially my husband does not earn the required annual income to sponsor a spouse. We tried to work out how and thankfully, it happened. 

I lost my passion in blogging.

Year 2017 was a year of working out the U.K. Settlement Visa. Worked out the Financial Requirement and other necessary requirements like English Test and Tuberculosis Test. Compiled all the relationship proof like photos together, screenshots of chat history, his proof of travel in the Philippines, proof of remittances etc. Busy days and worries made me so tired to do more. My mind can't think of anything to write, I lost my track and I just don't wanna continue anymore. 

Was in awe settling in the U.K. 

Moving in another country was not easy especially to someone like me who was not used to living abroad. I felt like I was born again; new place, new people around , new work, new everything. 

I felt homesick

I didn't expect to feel homesick as I am use to having a trip anywhere. I didn't realise that holiday and totally moved to another country is a massive difference. I just dwell on my homesickness and so again I don't wanna do anything else during that time. 

Got settled and totally forgot to blog.

When I finally got all my documents needed for my U.K. residency and a job that I was enjoying, I totally forgot to blog. As if it doesn't exist. My old domain expired, didn't have the chance to renew it. I didn't write anything or even visit my blogsite. 

Right now, I am trying to revive everything on my blog. My lost passion to blogging reignite and doing some redesigning. Though I'm so busy with my baby at the moment, I am trying my best to write once in a while. 

Really appreciate your time to visit and read. The whole blog is still working in progress. Till next time! 



  1. But here you are! Welcome to the flock again! Happy blogging!

  2. Welcome back! Its somehow an outlet of everything or like a diary too!

  3. It's definitely okay to take a break when we feel that what we're doing is not in alignment with our vision. Do what makes you happy :)

  4. I think it's so important to take a break when you need to. Burnout is a real thing and sometimes we just need to reset our minds and bodies. <3 I'm glad you found your way back to blogging! :)

  5. Hey any little step you make is a step forward! Good for you.

  6. Wow, it was one heck journey but in the end you are with your husband in UK, in a new job and you are back, you will get back your passion soon. Trust me.

  7. Good to see that you are back. Curious to know what direction you will head with your blog!

  8. Absolutely ok for you to take a break from blogging, so happy that you're back again :D
    Happy blogging as always ya :D cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  9. It's absolutely ok to break to pursue some other imp6things in life. But here you are now, welcome back and enjoy blogging. Looking forward to new content.

  10. Sometimes, we need a break even if it is to breathe. Welcome back!

  11. Just from reading your sentence "My mind can't think of anything to write, I lost my track and I just don't wanna continue anymore." You were burnt out and when things settled down you were still burnt out which led to subconsciously "forgetting" to blog. It is okay. I feel that way AT LEAST once a month. I have too much going on upstairs and easily burn myself out. That's what I get for overthinking all the time.

  12. I totally understand needing to take a break! That was a lot of change! But welcome back! Can’t wait to here about your new life :)

  13. The break was totally worth it, because it was for a good reason. Glad you got everything sorted and back to blogging again.