Further Leave to Remain (FLR M) Requirements


Dahil napapanahon na, I decided to collate requirements on extending spouse visa in the U.K. This requirements is extension from Settlement Spouse Visa to Further Leave to Remain as a partner (FLR M). 

Requirements varies depends on the source of income, for this post I will share requirements for employed sponsor and applicant. Please bear in mind that, when you do your online application, there might be some difference depends on your circumstances as well as some additional documents based on how you answer the form.  You can always give it a try to fill up online application form and save to go back later on. 

Before you start answering the online application form, get ready the following as you need the information from the following: 

  1. You and your partner's passport
  2. Children's passport if applicable
  3.  Applicant's Biometric Residence Permit
  4.  You and your partner's National Insurance Number
  5.  Work details
  6.  Accommodation details

Before we go to the list, please bear in mind that as of this writing no changes in the Financial Requirement (FR) . Minimum Income requirement still as follows:

 £ 18,600.00  Partner with no children 
    22,400.00  One Non-EU child in addition to the partner
    24,800.00  Two Non-EU children in addition to the partner
    27,200.00  Three Non-EU children in addition to the partner  

In addition, for FLR M, Sponsor and Applicant can combine their income to meet the FR but always be mindful with the rules on this.



  • FLR (M) Application Form ( the PDF file can be downloaded once you do it online)
  • Declaration forms part 1, 2, 3 including the sponsor's declaration form  (should be downloaded after filling up the form)
  • Print out of priority booking payment if applicable
  • Print out of Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) payment
  • Print out of appointment date
  • Full scanned copy of Applicant's passport
  • Full scanned copy of Sponsor's passport 
  • English test certificate A2 LEVEL MINIMUM (TRINITY SELT or IELTS LIFE SKILLS) , please note that if your country is on the exemption list for English Test you do not need an English Test Certificate. 

  • Marriage certificate with translation if not in English
  • Divorce/annulment papers if previously married 
  • if applicable death certificate of previous spouse
  • Children's birth certificate (if applicable, British or non-eu  
  • Full copy of children's passports
  • Support letters (optional)
       Proof of Cohabitation 
  example of acceptable evidence include:
  • Letters or other documents from government departments or agencies, example: HM Revenue and Customs, Department for Work and Pensions, DVLA, TV Licensing
  • Letters or other documents from your GP, a hospital or other local health service about medical treatments, appointments, home visits or other medical matters
  • Bank statements or letters
  • Building society savings books or letters
  • Council tax bills or statements 
  • Electricity or gas bills statements
  • Water rate bills or statements 
  • Mortgage statements or agreement 
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Telephone bills or statements 
       - you must provide at least 6 bills/letters, addressed to    you and your partner jointly or in both names. 
       - the dates of correspondence should be spread evenly  covering your stay in the UK living together.
       - correspondence should be from at least 3 different      sources
       - IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH correspondence in your    joint names, you may provide bills/letters addressed to each of you individually showing the same address for both of you. Example given in the application form is - 4 bills/letters in joint names to the same address and 2 bills/letters addressed to each of you at the address, in total 8 need to be submitted. 
        - IF NO CORRESPONDENCE IN JOINT NAMES, you will need to submit 12 bills/letters (6 each) showing same address. PLEASE DON'T FORGET, SPREAD EVENLY.

  • 6 months wage slips if monthly pay, 7 wage slips if four-weekly pay , 13 wage slips if bi-weekly, 26 wage slips if weekly pay. Calculation is BEFORE tax and the last one should be within 28days of your application.
  • Letter from employer confirming   
  1. the employment
  2. the gross annual salary;
  3. how long the employment has been/was held;
  4. the period over which the person has been paid the level of salary stated in their application; 
  5. type of employment (permanent, fixed-term contract or agency)

  • Personal bank statements should covered the pays of the submitted wage slips (last one within 28 days of online application submission)   
OPTIONAL if you tick in the online application form
  • P60 
  • signed contract of employment 

if Renting
  • Tenancy agreement 
  • Letter from housing association
  • Recent council tax bill
if Owned
  • Land registry( within 3 months old) 
  • Mortgage statement (within 3months old)
  • Recent council tax bill
if Living with relatives include
  • Letter from them stating that you live with them and that the house can accommodate all of you; confirm number of rooms and occupants

All documents should be scanned and uploaded to the Sopra Steria system once Visa Application Fees and IHS payments have been made or you can pay for an assisted biometrics appointment. Documents and all passports should be taken to the biometrics appointment.

Additional information to consider:

  • FILE NAME of documents scanned needs to be as simple as possible
  • FILE SIZE of each uploaded documents has a 6 MB limit but there's no limit on the number of documents you can upload.
  • SCAN IN GREYSCALE OR BLACK AND WHITE to help contain the files size but if you can make each documents below 6MB in coloured that would be fine. 
  • PDF (preferred), JPG AND PNG format of documents. 


£ 1,052.20 GBP   => Visa Fee, each applicant (as of this writing)
        19.20            => to have your Biometric information taken
       400.00 per year  => Immigration Health Surcharge as of the moment,
                            however on 1st of October 2020 the fee will increase to £624 per year
       800.00           => optional, for super priority service to get a faster decision.

Please note this is not a professional advice, this is from my personal experience. Your list depends on your own answer in the online application form, though most of them would be the same. If you are making an application for initial entry outside U.K. , please read my list of requirements here.  
Good luck on your application! 



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