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After 48 years! I know I'm being OA (over acting) , hehe , who wouldn't . We finally put up the coat rack after (and still some) unpacking boxes of stuff and six cabinets that we assembled. I'm fed up actually, one is still waiting.  However, I'm pleased with the outcome. Can't show the whole house yet because I don't want everybody see how messy it is , but will definitely do once everything is sorted. 

I wan't to wrap up first what part of the wall/corner we've finished. 

1.  Bathroom accessories,  the part of the house that I always wanted to be the first that's tidy or at least presentable enough on my eyes. 

2. Breakfast Table, or one of my husband's sanctuaries. 

3. Caitie's Nursery Room / Playroom / Office Room , Yep! 3 in 1 as the wee one is not yet sleeping on her own room, maybe not for a few months. 

4. Laundry area , we made one corner in the hall a laundry area. Just the laundry bin basically. 

5. Shoe Area / Coat Rack, we made the main entrance of the hallway as a shoe area with coat rack.

Our Simple Shoe Area

Shoe rack | Coat rack
Shoe area

shoe rack
Coat Rack

This area is still undergoing designing, as of the moment, this is it! I'm still thinking the best place for the plants though. I'm not quite happy with them there.

Coat Hook Shelf from eBay | Shoe Cabinet | Personalised Bag from Etsy



  1. nice decor. very neat, light and bright. lovely

  2. Manisha - The outcome looks very nice, it looks worth the efforts.

  3. Nice design and it looks clean and neat! Thanks for the tips and ideas!

  4. Theinsightmedia.com15 August, 2020 22:41

    Am a fashion designer, but decoration is something i love because i have eyes on beauty and style.. it gives me joy to see stylist design and creative things around me. keep it up.

  5. Yesterday was shoe decluttering day and it was alot! The design you need looks so nice.

  6. Lovely! Nicely done! Thanks for the ideas

  7. Everyone loves neatly organized home and decor, with some easy tips this is achievable and budget friendly too. Thank you for sharing

  8. That is so cute. I am in he midst of working on my shoe area in the front room. This has given me some ideas.

  9. Wow this is so cute I would love to get this decor on my room I can't wait to make this thanks to this a lot!