My Wanderlists

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I love travelling, it made me missed home very much. It refreshed me in doing those things that I almost gave up, hehe. I want to travel around the world, buy their specialties and put them altogether in my shop for those locals who wanted to own and feel like they been there. Travelling reignite my will to work hard, so I can fund my trip. hehe.
Below are the places I am dreaming of to explore ;)  

  • Rome - I'd love to visit churches in Rome.
  • Hong Kong (again!) - Because I fell inlove in going around in Hong Kong I would love to go back there.
  • Japan - Japan might be one of the expensive countries to go to in Asia but surely there's a cheaper way ;) . 
  • London - I'd love to be in London and see the famous London Bridge, hehe.
  • Paris - Paris in my romantic side is one of the best lovers' nest :-D .
How about you, what's yours? 

P.S.: Saw this on my draft, don't know why I haven't posted this, so here it is.

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