Realization: In time of sadness and struggle

In time of sadness and struggle, think those people who have nothing/less fortunate: no house, can't eat 3x a day, no decent clothes & shoes, no gadget, and any other things that money can buy... but most importantly appreciate and be grateful that you have, your loved ones and friends... Just like realizing now how lucky I am and blessed. I may not have everything I want however I have some things most people don't have. 

I have some friends and relatives who share their blessings to me by giving stuff that I can't afford  to buy. Through them I'm experiencing to wear imported clothes and eat imported food.

Yes, God has His own ways for us to experience some good things on earth and I'm so glad that in spite of some struggles I'm still enjoying life to the fullest.

Courtesy of Hong Kong friends and relatives 

Courtesy of my youngest sister
I've experienced lots of struggles but God never fail to leap me up and show how good life is. 
He always give us a second chance

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