My Journey to Fragrant Harbour: What I prepared to avoid most Filipino Traveler’s nightmare?

I am so nervous and worried. I’m nervous and worried to get offloaded again. I prepared everything for this trip. I searched and studied the best things to do to get through with the immigration. As we all know, offloading was very common in the immigration for Filipinos who plan to go out of the country.

I am bound to Hong Kong. I got a gift certificate for the trip that is why my airfare was kinda free. My first trip out of the country and I’m all alone.

What I prepared to avoid most Filipino Traveler’s nightmare?

First, I read and read and read!!! From the Bureau of Immigration’s website to every travelers blog.

Second, I brought my documents and/or requirements just incase the immigration dig my financial capability for this trip. Since I will declare that I am a self-employed, I prepared my Certificate of Business Name Registration from Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Mayor’s Permit and Business License, Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld or BIR Form No. 2316 from my previous employer. I even purchased travel insurance.

Third, I prepared not just my documents but myself as well. I see to it that I would look presentable. I prefer to look casual but professional. I even bought a new luggage (well, my old one was with my youngest sister already, hehe) and I chose the yellow luggage than the dark color.

I chose to line in at the Immigration Officer that does not look terror, I’m kinda nervous again because the woman in front of me was headed to the table for secondary inspection. But then I’ll try my best not to show how nervous I am, I told myself  “Bahala na”. When it was my turn, I gave my passport, ticket, and boarding pass. The immigration officer asked if I’m going to work there, I answered “No!” He advised me that if ever I’m going to work there I should register, since I’m not really going to work there, I just consider it as an advised and thanked him, he then stamped my passport and led me to go straight to the x-ray machine.

I was amazed and thankful that I made it.  


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