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           I cannot consider myself intelligent either a smart one, I am not or I will never be. However, I can say that I have the passion for learning. I want to learn many things, even though I cannot accommodate all of them, my brain cannot afford too, lol.

            My passion served to further fuel my ambition and deepen my interest to integrate many points of view that can be achieve by studying in the highest level. The power of knowledge seems to call me out persuading me to seek more.  I have this dream and ambition, and I know I am not the only one dreaming to acquire knowledge in the highest level or not the highest but maybe to the best that we can.

            Unfortunately, seems having a good education is only for intelligent and rich one. Intelligent people who can get a scholarship for their studies and rich or can afford people who can pay for their school needs. How about those people who live in the hand-to-mouth-existence but not that intelligent to qualify with the grades requirement and yet want to study and have a degree? That is only mean they have to work hard for that, either become a working student or work hard then study hard. Seems unfair but that is the reality of life. I cannot blame some youngsters who sometimes choose to work in an early age to help their family instead than to study thinking that their brain cannot afford to do it anymore. I think this is one of the reasons why a country have lots of uneducated people.  

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