An Open Letter

To whom it may concern,
It has been a year and I planned to leave everything behind to that 2011, the year I last saw you and met my favorite pair of eyes. To my surprise, all that I felt before got worst and the interest I used to give turns into something very unpredictable. I tried dating someone and a simple picture made me realize what I'm trying to forget, yes forgetting you is like forgetting the real me. I don’t really know why I cannot let you go or probably I’m trapped because of your magic. For sure we are not the best couple, but I don't know, I can't explain what we had but healing is not quick and my love for you did not fade and that caught me off guard.

I don't like what I feel because I know you don't like this also, I know you don't want me to love you. I don’t want to fall from your gravity and I want to breathe again but just the thought of you makes my life turn upside down, I’ve learned to accept to just nurture it rather than neglect and force myself to forget you.

Yours truly,

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