English as Second Language (ESL)

Learning English Language needs a lot of courage. Though I grew up in a country that English has been a long time second language, it has been hard for me to speak fluently. The main reason was of all my subjects I don’t like English, I’d rather solve an algebraic expression and calculus than to study English Grammar and Vocabulary. Recently, I admitted and accepted how important English Language is for the advancement of my education. Learning English as Second Language seems has been a world wide requirements, such as studying internationally and working abroad. South Korea spend too much to give students a very competitive English knowledge, most universities and schools hired a native English speakers so that Korean Students will be competitive enough acquiring an English proficiency. Blog11

Lately, I learned to love the things I hated for so long, that is to master my English Communication Skill. I know that’s one of my weaknesses, so I worked hard and still working hard to broaden my knowledge in English Communication. Just want to share some pointers.

The way that might help you to improve your English Communication are:

·       Keep reading English books. When there is a word that you don’t understand, find out the meaning and study its relationship in the sentence. This might enhance your vocabulary.
·     Review the basic grammar rules. To speak effectively, one must know the basic rules in grammatical structures. Most of the language errors of non-native English speakers are committed in this area.
·        Make a habit of listening an English song and watching and English movie or shows. While listening to your fave English song, hand the lyrics and mimic, with this you will use to hear and can learn from it.
·        Once in a while, read and study the English dictionary, and try to use every word in a sentence.
·        Practice to make a paragraph by answering a situation that interests you. This may help to enhance your writing ability
·        Practice to speak on front of the mirror. It is understandable that in the process of your study, you find it uncomfortable and timid to talk in English. Speaking in front of the mirror is the first step to feel comfortable and have confidence of acquiring a better English Communication.
·    Practice to talk in English with your family and friends. This may help you to get use in talking English. That in the long run, speaking English is just a normal part of your communication.
·    Alter your learning routine. Try to do different things each day to keep the various relationships between each area lively.
·     Make learning a habit. Everyday, give time to learn English. So that English will be constantly in your mind.
·    Be patient don’t be depress when you’re having a hard time. English learning is a process. Just Practice, Practice, and Practice. annenonimity